When it comes to home lighting, many people think of Northern Europe. The Nordic climate is cold, and people like to stay at home most of the time, which makes the design of Nordic home lighting interesting, special and humane. So far, home lighting always has some series of lighting, simple design without losing elegance, special design is not too complicated. The washing of these home lighting over time is still the trend of every era. Next, I will share some of the most popular home lighting fixtures.

1. PH series lighting​

ph artichoke

One of Denmark's iconic lamps is the PH lamp designed by Poul Henningsen. People call it "the best footnote to interpret the Danish design style without time limit." He designed home lighting with layers of lampshades, making the light soft and uniform, eliminating the shadows of ordinary lamps, making PH home lighting from any The light source can not be seen from the angle, avoid irritating the eyes, full of humanistic care and human touch.

ph home lighting ph home lighting

2.Beat light​

This home lighting is designed by British designer Tom Dixon. It is said that when he was traveling in India, he saw all kinds of water containers on the heads of passers-by. These traditional crafts of bottles and pots touched his love of metal crafts, so he invited the Moradabad of North India The craftsman made him a lamp in the shape of a cooker. Beat home lighting has a modern industrial style. The Beat home lighting lampshade is made of thick brass. The black exterior surface contrasts with the warm golden interior. The Beat home lighting modern is very suitable for restaurants and kitchens.

beats light beats

3.Branching bubble light

home lighting home lighting

This is a veritable representative of Internet celebrities in 2017. It is a Branching chandelier designed by lindsey adelman studio in New York. Branching bubble home lighting can be freely combined, with various colors, elegant yet light. It can be perfectly integrated with different spaces such as living room, dining room and bedroom.

CHERRY BOMB AgnesChandeliers_64

lindsey adelman studio also designed other equally stunning lamps. For example, agnes light and cherry romb chandeliers, these two home lighting are very unique and beautiful. Installing these styles of home lighting in your home can quickly enhance the interior style.

4.Flos IC light

The IC series lighting designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos includes floor lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps and ceiling lamps. The IC series of home lighting is highly recognizable. The IC series of home lighting uses a very thin brass bracket with a white spherical lampshade. The lighting decoration as a whole is like a star orbiting in a luminous star track, with a beautiful and eternal feeling. The designer can be said to have used minimalist aesthetics to the extreme.


5.Eos feather lamp


The feather chandelier designed by Vita uses goose feathers as the material to make the light softer in the space, just like a cloud floating freely in the blue sky, very soft. Also similar to the white lighting is the nelson home lighting. The material of this lighting is very special, and the available shapes are very diverse. Can meet the needs of different scenarios.

Home lighting

6.Vertigo pendant light

Vertigo pendant lamp-Original Vertigo pendant lamp

Probably no home lighting is more elegant than it, Vertigo pendant light is like the wide-brimmed hat on the head of a French woman, full of gentle and romantic feeling. In the space, this home lighting is a great tool for eye-catching. If you install the Vertigo pendant light indoors, it will definitely impress your guests.

7.Unfold Pendant Lamp

Muuto - Unfold pendant

Compared with other cold Nordic styles, Unfold home lighting is more lively and lively, which has always been popular. The biggest feature of Unfold home lighting is that you can choose as many colors as the rainbow. Whether light-colored furniture or dark-colored furniture, there is a corresponding color match.Unfold Pendant Lamp's simple shape, changeable colors, perfect integration of beauty and design, help you easily create a good mood.

Unfold Pendant Lamp

8.VP Globe Glass pendant lamp

This VP home lighting uses a transparent acrylic outer sphere, and five internal reflectors are suspended by three steel chains. With the VP home lighting, the designer's goal is to design a lamp that is eye-catching and versatile. The VP home lighting is full of sense of science and technology, and it is also very eye-catching. No matter whether the VP globe lights are suspended individually or in groups. They are ideal for dining tables, hallways or main halls.

VPGLOBEGLASS_86 VP Globe Glass pendant lamp
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